Heavy Duty Engine Starting Systems by Pow-R-Quik

Pneumatic Product Line

Pow-R-Quick turbine starters accommodate engines from 500-12,000 CID Diesel, are gas sealed, and will crank gas engines to twice the displacement of diesel engines. All vane starters are lubeless and made of a high tech material that reduces wear and allows operation with or without lubrication.

Turbine LineVane Line
Pow-R-Quik hydraulic starters

Hydraulic Product Line

Pow-R-Quik’s hydraulic series of heavy duty engine starters was specifically designed and developed for the oil and gas service industry. From hand pumps to high pressure filters, piston accumulators to hand or foot valves, Pow-R-Quik features a full line of hydraulic systems components as well.

Hydraulic LineSystem Components
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Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Maradyne’s Pow-R-Quik division manufactures and markets safe & reliable industrial/commercial starters for original equipment and aftermarket applications. Our starters are ideal for the gas and oil industries, marine, mining, and many more. Quality products at a fair price!

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